5 Greatest SEO Strategies to Optimize Your WordPress Website

WordPress is one of the most popular content management system used by bloggers, business website owners, and even e-stores. As technology is getting advanced, choosing WordPress for your site is an effective way to get off your online business. But as millions of websites are running on the internet, it becomes crucial to compete with others through building the best strategies.

WordPress Website

In 2020, anyone can easily get cheap WordPress hosting in Pakistan or around the world depending on the needs and wants of the site. But increasing the visibility of your WordPress site isn’t as much as easy as compared to setting the site. You need to optimize your site for SEO by applying various techniques. And not every technique is effective or could give fruitful results.

To optimize your WordPress website, it is important to know the top SEO strategies that are discussed below.

Why Optimize Your WordPress Website?

One of the questions is always about why there is a need to optimize your website for SEO? Or how it could benefit you? The answer is simple, for generating profits, you need to do it. Ranking your site on google helps you gain more traffic that leads to good conversion rates. So let’s now take a look at how you can optimize your WordPress website.

1. Pick A Reliable Host:

The most crucial and basic factor for SEO is always the host. You cannot optimize your WordPress website until you are connected with a reliable and fast host like a host break. You need to find out the best hosting provider by comparing the values they give against your money. remember to look for the factors mention below

  • Offering 24/7 online support and technical support
  • Features and security of your site
  • Guaranteed uptime
  • Reviews of their existing customers

2. Alter The Default Permalink Structure:

The WordPress site default permalinks aren’t searched engine friendly. Therefore, you need to change the permalinks to optimize your WordPress website for SEO. If you are a beginner, don’t get confused over the selection of permalinks. You can choose your domain/year/month/post format.

3. Install an.XML Sitemap Plugin:

One of the fastest ways to index your site content is to use it.XML sitemap plugin. This plugin provides a search engine like google links all the pages in your site in a sitemap. This is an effective SEO strategy to optimize your WordPress website.

4. Start to Install SEO Plugin:

You cannot take good care of various SEO aspects of your site. Therefore, you just need to install an SEO plugin that could automatically take care of your site SEO. As soon as you install the good SEO plugin for your site, it is important to enabling rel=” canonical” tag for pages on your website.

This is an effective way to eliminate duplicate content issues on WordPress sites. As the tag helps search engines in determining the original source URLs of your Site, therefore, it prevents any duplicate content issue.

5. Use Caching Plugin:

Caching plugin is one of the ideal ways to speed up your blog and optimize your WordPress site for SEO. The caching plugin also reduces the load on your web servers and helps in making your site load faster. One of the best plugins you can consider for your WordPress site is the W3 Tool cache.

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