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15 Cheap Divorce Lawyers In NYC

15 Cheap Divorce Lawyers In NYC

We know that it is very difficult to find the best lawyer in New York City . NYC is the biggest City in the United States of America so it is very difficult to find a good lawyer under the budget.

We know that we cannot afford big lawyers because their fesses are at the peak. So, we contact different layers of NYC and we told them we are making a great list where people will contact you.

After gathering information from different sources, we have made this list for you with hard work. You can contact them by clicking their website and also by telephone numbers.

in this list mostly lawyers are professional so it took Three to four Weeks For your divorce. They are good in their work, but you have to follow all the commands that they will provide you. The price of every lawyer is different from one another it depends on their experience and your case.

Divorce With Different Conditions

  • Divorce without children.
  • Divorce with children.
  • Divorce with children and property.

There are also many other conditional term, but these are the common and demand of most cases. The different condition have different charges because without children it will be easy divorce. If you have kids it would be little difficult and charges will go higher.

The 3rd condition will charge more than 1st and second because property case is difficult than other terms. If your husbands have property he doesn’t want to give it to you easily. In the same situation if wife is the owner of property she will try hard to don’t give her property to you so that is why your advocate will charge higher amounts in these situations.

Many of clients want expedited NYC divorce service because they want to end their marriage instant in a week. Their relations become weak and because of different nature mostly people do that type of thing.

How To File A Divorce In NY Officially 

I will share you a link on that link you need to click you will get complete guide. You will get what to file and where to file also what is the fees of procedure. Please visit this website you will get the complete instructions for this purpose.

1. Paul E Rudder Lawyer

Experience 30 years
Avvo rating 9.8
Initial consultation fees $400
Contact number 212) 826-9900

He is one of the professional lawyer in New York his fee is higher than some others. The reason behind this his personal experience and he is well known for his divorce lawyer that is why he has no time for cases. People are giving him high fesses because they know he will end their case fast.

What type of divorce Mr. Paul handles? I ask many advocates of different expertise about him they said he is beast of this field.

2. Spodek Law Group

Experience 50 years
Rating 9.7
Initial consultation fees Free
Contact number 888-981-9127

This is a big team which is working under one team named as spodek. They are working in this industry from 50 years and they won almost 98 percent cases. The are extremely aggressive and they claim that we are treating our clients like our family. They will not take more time to solve your case because they think if we will give satisfaction to our customer we will get more customers.

During consultation you can ask any type of question regarding your problem. They have no obligation to work with anyone they will give you full time and respect. They have handled many complex cases that not any other want to take because they were very risky.

The main reason behind complex cases are advocates don’t want to lose cases that is why they don’t accept complex cases but spodek is ready for that. This team comes on media many times and give different type of interviews because of their fame.

They are also offering uncontested divorces that save your time and money. In bar there are many advocate which you will hire and think they are on your side but fact is mostly of them sold out. The reason behind that they have no winning cases in their career they are just making money from you and many others like you.

3. Brain D. Perskin

Experience 20 years +
Rating 9.8
Initial Consultation Fees Free
Contact number (212) 355-0887


He had handled many divorced cases as compare to many other advocates he had a good experience in this firm. He graduated from Washington college of law that is famous for their degrees in New York city. Many big names give positive reviews about this barrister they said he is also very good in this category.

4. Berkman Bottger

Experience Not mentioned
Rating 9
Initial Consultation fees Free
Contact number (212) 867-9123

So, I am going list other all members under the topic you can get the short info of some barristers.

  • Corash and Hollander (718) 442-4424
  • Eiges and Oragel (347) 848-1850
  • David Centeno    (866) 830-2064
  • Goldweber Epstein  (212) 235-1172
  • Hedayati Law Group  (646) 759-4244
  • Jeffery B                        (718) 625-0800
  • Donald Mastrodomenico  (718) 268-8111
  • Vivien I. Stark                      (212) 349-1600
  • McCarthy Fingar LLP        (914) 946-3700
  • Sager Gellerman Eisner LLP  (347) 625-1038
  • Andreas Vasilatos                    (718) 878-7511
  • The Mandel Law Firm            (646) 770-3868

If you are an advocate and want to list list your name here please connect me on contact page thanks.

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