Best Cleaning Services in New York

These days everyone wants to keep his house neat and clean. Unfortunately, most people who work outside in offices are failed to perform this thing. This is the reason they hire some cleaners who can clean their homes. Numerous cleaning companies provide outstanding services to their loyal customers.

Cleaning Services in New York City

Every company needs customers to run their business, so they work hard to deliver outstanding services. In the cleaning phase, there are a lot of companies working hard to produce great results for their customers.

Cleaning your home is not a difficult task, just you’ve to come online and search cleaning services near you. You identify the user’s reviews, feedback, and the most important thing is a reasonable price. This article is specifically for New York’s user, so we’ve compiled a list of luxury cleaning services in New York. You don’t have to search online as we are providing you a compiled list of the best cleaners in New York City.

Best Cleaning Services and Companies in New York

This is the list of the top cleaning services providers that New York residents can hire.

1 – Swipe Clean

Established Date 2018
Phone (646) 907-9520
Opening Time Monday – Friday 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Clean Swipe comes on top of our list and it is liked by many users in New York. They provide outstanding deep cleaning, laundry, and standard cleaning. The laundry services of this company are amazing and you can book their services in various states of New York.

2 – Zen Home Cleaning

Zen Home Cleaning is another popular cleaning service provider in New York. They have been providing their services for a very long time and they own some experienced and professional cleaners in their company.

Established Date 2004
Phone (212) 969-8676
Facebook Page
Opening Time No Time Limit Set, You Have To Make an Appointment on Call

Zen Home Cleaning also provides cleaning products including floor cleaner oil and various products that every cleaner uses. They provide all these things in a very cheap and reasonable price that everyone can afford.

In their cleaning part, apartment cleaning, house cleaning, green cleaning, eco paints, and post-construction cleaning is provided. Their services are popular in the press and you can hire them as they are the veterans.

3 – NY Maids

NY Maids has been in the market for over 20 years and it has experienced staff. It is a well-known cleaning company and you can order anything online. It provides several cleaning perspectives to their customers.

Established Date 1999
Web Address
Phone (212) 239-941
Opening Time 7 AM – 10 PM

This is the contact information of NY Maids and I’ve mentioned earlier that it provides every type of cleaning service. The response rate of NY Maids is amazing and they respond well when you will call them on their phone.

4 – NY Brite

NY Brite is also considered a veteran in the cleaning industry as they are loyal to their customers. NY Brite is considered as a first service that arrived in the market.

NY Brite offers every service on demand and every cleaning task is provided by it. The apartment cleaning and home cleaning services of this company are outstanding. They also provide laundry services and in other words, we can say that NY Brite owes numerous services.

It is the only cleaning service in New York that provides its services in almost every city of New York. Every second person living in Manhattan knows about NY Brite.

Established Date 1997
Phone 1-800-682-7483
Opening Time Monday – Saturday 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM and on Sunday Their Office is Close
Email No Email Sources Found

5 – My Dust Cleaning Services

My Dust Cleaning Services is one of the best cleaning service providers that come 5th in my list. It offers every service including apartment cleaning, deep cleaning, house cleaning, and government building cleaning. You’ve to book every order by calling them and in less than no time, they send you their staff to have a look at your cleaning project.

Established Date 2016
Phone (646) 330-5159
Working Hours No Fix Time, Book Their Service and Get Time

6 – Prospect Cleaning NYC

This is the last service in our list that comes in the end and no doubt Prospect Cleaning offers numerous services. It is a new and growing company that is liked by many people in New York. They provide almost every service including apartment, deep, eco-painting and carpet cleaning manuals.

Established Date 2013
Phone (718) 282-6348
Working Time Monday – Saturday 9:00 AM To 6:00 PM

Prospect Cleaning also provides training to the newbies. If you are fond of learning cleaning and you don’t know where to get started, then you can join Prospect Cleaning, they give you free training and moreover you can earn a good amount of money by providing cleaning services privately.


These were the 6 best companies that have covered every area of New York City. In our previous session, we provided information on Cleaning Services in London and Today we’ve highlighted the best cleaners in New York City. We will keep on updating our website with every cleaning service that is popular in every state of every country. If you have any suggestions, then you can tell us inside the comments section, we will update that suggestion on our website live.

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