Dry needling treatment

How Dry Needling Treatment Helps in Pain Cure

Dry needling has a great ability to provide sweet relief from mobility issues and intense muscle pains. It is a wrong thought that you will feel uneasy while being poked by tiny needles. Many people and athletes have cured their chronic illnesses and injuries with this therapy.

Dry needling is also known as myofascial or trigger point dry needling. Medical doctors, acupuncturists, physical therapists, and some chiropractors treat this myofascial pain when the muscles develop some knotted areas that are called trigger points.

These trigger points can be harrowing when touched because they are highly sensitive. These are mainly the cause of pain that affects different parts of the body. These tiny needles are directly pushed through the skin into the trigger points. These needles are not used to inject medication, but to stimulate the tissue.

How It Helps In Pain Treatment

Dry needling treatment


Pain is affected during the movement of your body. It is said that this trigger point dry needling change the way of communication between the brain and muscles. They make the functioning of the system to move on a regular pattern. Dry needling Sydney therapy is the perfect for treating such problems.

You might experience many sensations when the needle is pushed through your skin like aching, muscle soreness, and twitch between the muscles is considered a good sign. The needles are placed superficially and deeply, for some duration as per the condition of the pain being treated. A short period states that the needles will stay in the muscles for a few seconds; a long period indicates that the needle will remain for 10 to 15 minutes.

Different Types Of Pain Treated By Dry Needling

This type of therapy is usually used for every part of the body, which includes manual therapy, heat therapy, some exercise, and education. Dry needling is mainly used to increase the range of movement, which is limited due to scar tissues and tightness in the muscles. Some of the problems treated by dry needling are:

  • Disk problems
  • Joint problems
  • Whiplash
  • Tendinitis
  • Mouth and jaw problems
  • Tension and migraine type headaches
  • Pelvic pain
  • Spinal problems
  • Night cramps
  • Repetitive movement disorders
  • Postherpetic neuralgia
  • Phantom pain

Therapy For Pain Treatment

Trigger dry point needling is used for quite a long time. But it came in trending because of drug-free techniques to cure musculus skeletal pains. The pain management plan always includes this part of the treatment, which contains stretching, techniques, massage, and other exercises. Dry needling plays a significant role in pain relief and muscle recovery.

These dry and thin needles do not inject anything inside your body; instead, they are pushed through your skin directly into your muscle tissue. Their main motive is to restore the mobility between the muscle and connective tissue. Dry needling therapy is performed by experienced acupuncturists, medical doctors, chiropractors, and some physical therapists that are trained in this technique.

Triggering Relief:


When the muscles are strained and overused, they can develop knots in several areas known as myofascial trigger points that can be irritable and can cause severe pain. A tense muscle can undergo several energy crises because of inappropriate and prolonged contraction. This is because the muscle fibers are not getting the proper amount of blood supply.

If the muscles are not getting the actual amount of blood required, then the supply of nutrients and oxygen is also restricted, which makes the muscle go back to its regular resting position. Tissues become more acidic that are near the trigger points. The area near the trigger point becomes painful and sore because all the nerves in that area get sensitized.

Inserting the needle into the trigger point helps to draw back the regular blood supply and release all the tension between them. The prickly sensation of needle fire off the nerve fibers that make the brain release endorphins, which is a homemade pain medication produced by our own body.

To identify all the trigger points in the patient’s body, an acupuncturist palpates the entire area with his or her own hands. All these medical therapists have a trigger point map that knows all the familiar places where trigger points can be found; this is very helpful while practicing. But this method is not useful for every patient to locate the trigger points.

After identifying a trigger point, a physical therapist inserts a dry needle directly into your skin. They can also move the sterile needle around to locate the local twitch response, which is also known as the quick spasm of the muscle. If the tissue reacts to this technique, then it is considered as a good sign. This technique is beneficial for treating mobility issues, chronic or acute pains, and muscle recovery.


Trigger point dry needling is a great technique to treat all muscle-related problems. In this article, we read about how dry needling helps in pain management. You should follow some points if you’re suffering similar issues.

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