Four WHs to Focus on to Get Email Subscribers

Content plays a paramount role to generate email subscribers. The ultimate goal of strategic content marketing is to target email subscribers. You may be aware of some steps to encourage your users to subscribe to your newsletters, but not all the time it brings results. What could be the reason? Content.

If you want to generate genuine prospects that have an interest in your offerings, you will have to provide top-notch content. It should have the potential to inform your users that they will get benefits from your products and services. Unless you give them a reason why they should subscribe, they will not do it.

Various companies are offering the same products and services. When the competition is fierce, it is essential to tell your users how you are better than your competitors. However, strategic content does not mean telling about why you are unique and better but to provide the content based on their needs so that you can grab their attention.

If you want to attract the attention of your users to encourage them to subscribe your newsletters, you will have to focus on four WHs – Why, Who, What and How – while creating strategic content. It will help you better understand how your content can convert visitors to subscribers.

Why – know your objective

You must know the reason for creating a content strategy.

  • What is your goal?
  • Why are you doing it?
  • What do you expect to get out of it?

If you do not have specific goals, you will end up losing your customers. A business requires a direction, and for the right direction, you need vision.

When you create a content marketing strategy, you need to ask yourself why you are pursuing it. Do you aim to attract people interested in your products and services or do you want to increase traffic to your audience only? Is your strategy product-oriented or information-oriented?

You should talk to a marketing expert to get an idea of how a particular strategy will work. Make sure that you work with an expert because your every step will have an impact on your business. If you have a start-up and do not have enough money to hire an expert marketer, you should take out weekly collected loans.

Who – know your buyer persona

Customers are the soul of your business. It cannot exist without customers. You must approach your customers in the right way to have them in your subscribers’ list. You need to get into the shoes of your customers to understand the thinking of your customers. Note that the target audience is different from a buyer persona.

To determine your target audience, you will have to rely on the factors like geographic location, age, sex, religion, marital status and income. Remember that two people of the same age from the same city may have different taste. One might be useful to approach, but the other will be a total waste of time.

Therefore, you will need to evaluate the customer persona. It is a further classification of your target audience to find out the common interests among them. The needs of every customer are different. For instance, Person A may be looking to buy a car for recreational activities. However, person B will be looking to buy a car for a regular commute. Since the needs of both of them are different, you will always relate the persona to what you are selling. Otherwise, the information will not be helpful.


This phase focuses on the type of information you will need to help your prospects to achieve their goals. They will subscribe to your newsletters only when they find your information useful enough. Your content is a way to communicate with your users. You need to make sure that your content includes the information your users want to know.

Whether your goal is to provide information to your users or you want them to buy your product or service, you need to make sure that your content provides useful information to your users. If they visit your site and do not find valuable information, they will never come back. If you want to grow your business, you will have to make sure that you have the answer to your users’ queries.

Generate different ideas and validate them. Continue to use the strategy that motivates your users to keep visiting you.


This phase focuses on how you will present information. The right content marketing strategy is not just about showing information through your website, but you need to focus on the optimisation of content to make sure that it reaches out to each user.

You should present content plainly and understandably so that people can understand how you are befitting them. It should not be boring and dull at all. Use infographics, videos and images to spread your message. Since most of the users are present on social media, make sure that you cover your message through such platforms too.

This phase will include the process of finding out where you can attract your audience, discover what they want to buy, and designing your content to fulfil their needs. If you successfully perform all these steps, your business will generate.

To use your content marketing strategy to generate leads, you need to four WHs mentioned above. If you successfully follow them, you will have your users in subscribers’ list.

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