5 Best Free Backlink Checker Tools

Backlink checker tools

Everyone in this SEO Industry wants to rank for every keyword he wants. If you do everything carefully and you don’t make any mistake, then you can rank your website on Google. Ranking on Google is not difficult, but it takes time and effort. In SEO consistency is the key to success as per my experience. If you are consistent in ranking your website, then a day comes and your website gets ranked in Google Top Results. There are more than 200 ranking factors of Google, but the most important is quality content and high quality backlinks.

If you don’t owe quality content on your website, then you cannot dominate in Google Search Results because every user needs quality content. If you own quality content on your website, then chances are you can stick to the first page of Google for a long period.

Even webmasters like high-quality content. If you are a good content writer, then you can earn tons of backlinks with your content writing skills. All you have to do is to write an article on any topic, after that, you have to send a pitch to every webmaster who accepts guest posts. We’ve provided a list of free Dofollow Guest Posting Websites that you can send pitches to. Give them a high-quality article and earn some high authority backlinks in return. That is how you can take advantage of your content writing skills.

When you’ve published quality content on your website, now it is time to earn some backlinks for that certain content. If you don’t know what Backlinks are, then don’t get worried because in the next phase I am going to explain Backlinks.

What are Backlinks?

If you are a newbie, then you may not know about what Backlinks are? In short words, I can define backlinks as “The link of your website found on another website is called the Backlink of your website”. This is the definition of backlinks and I can show you an example.

Backlinks Examples

You can see that the website owner has linked to some other people’s websites. These links are the backlinks for the webmasters of those websites. I hope you’ve understood what backlinks are.

Why We Need Backlinks?

Now the question is, why we need backlinks and the answer is simple. When you gain backlinks:

  • Your website authority increases
  • You get good rankings in search results
  • You get a decent amount of traffic
  • Secondary keywords of your website are ranked
  • Your website indexing speed increases
  • If your backlinks are high quality, then the domain authority and page authority of your website increases and your spam score is reduced

These are some cool benefits that happen when you build high-quality links for your website.

This was a basic idea about backlinks and I highlighted this so that newbies can understand what backlinks are. Now, let’s jump to our topic which is Backlink Analysis Tools.

We will reveal 5 best tools that you can use to get high-quality links for your website. There are various tools that you can use to analyze backlinks, but I will mention the best tools that I use personally.

5. Link Explorer

This tool comes 5th in my list and this Tool is owned by Moz. Moz is a popular website that provides SEO Tools and Knowledge of SEO and Backlinks.

Open Link Explorer Backlinks Tool

This is an interface of how Link Explorer looks like and you can track your competitor’s backlinks. The reason I put this tool on the 5th spot is that it shows you everything including its Anchor Text, Backlinks, and Referring domains, but the crawling of this tool is slow.

Backlinks are updated constantly, website owners don’t stop building new links, but this tool takes a lot of time to show those fresh links in its database. This is why I put this tool on the 5th spot, but you can use this tool for free. Moz offers you a free trial of this tool and you can enjoy unlimited features of this tool for 30 days.

4. Linkody

Linkody is an awesome Backlinks Analysis tool and they also offer a free trial like Moz. Linkody tagline is “Never check backlinks manually again, Linkody automates the whole process”. This is the tagline of Linkody and no doubt this is an amazing tool when it comes to analyzing backlinks.

Linkody allows you to:

  1. Track your competitor’s backlinks
  2. Manage your link profile
  3. Helps in finding high-quality backlinks resources
  4. Whenever you gain or lose a link, you will be notified by its notifier
  5. An accurate and complete look on Anchor Clouds
  6. New links are indexed faster as compared to link explorer
  7. You find broken links of your website

These are some benefits of using Linkody and no doubt your link profile will be clean when you will use this tool. This tool is not expensive, its affordable even newbies can afford this tool if they don’t know how to start. Moreover, this is also an easy tool, so if a newbie wants to use this tool, he can easily use it.

3. Majestic

When I was new in link building, the very first tool that I saw in the market was Majestic SEO. In the beginning, Majestic was free of cost, we cannot say totally free, but its usage never let the user feel its paid. This time they charge higher, but you can use the free version of this tool.

There are 2 new metrics, Trust Flow and Citation Flow that are owned by this tool. Every webmaster who is trying to create his PBN keeps an eye on these 2 metrics first. This is the new thing that this tool owns and these are the cool metrics. Every webmaster who is keeping an eye on his competitor or he is trying to find an expired domain, considers these metrics a powerful one.

This tool comes 3rd in my list because it is easy to use and its crawling speed is also good. You can track all of your competitor backlinks, moreover, you can also make your own link building campaign and keep an eye on your own link profile.

4. Ubersuggest

If you are old in the Blogging Industry, then you may have heard about a very popular name Neil Patel. Neil is one of the best SEO experts who is providing knowledge related to Blogging, Digital Marketing, SEO and Link Building. This Ubersuggest tool is owned by Neil Patel and it is a tool that is totally free with every feature.

This tool comes 2nd in my list because it has some outstanding features. You can analyze all the backlinks of your competitors, but the best part is, you can also find Top Pages of your competitors. This tool specifies “Top Pages” and its measurement is done according to the Backlinks and Social Shares of that particular page. Surely if a page has a lot of Backlinks and Social Shares, then it is considered as a top page, but you can Analyze those pages one by one, but this tool gives you the top pages directly.

These are some features that put this tool on 2nd spot in my list and now I am going to expose the tool that comes 1st in my list.


Yes, I put this tool on the first spot because it contains endless features. You can do everything that is related to Blogging, Keyword Research, SEO and Link Building with the help of this tool.

AHREFS Claims that its crawler comes on 2nd spot after Google. You know it very well that Google crawler crawls a billion pages in one day, but the AHREFS crawler also Crawls billions of pages per day. AHREFS tool helps you perform every action including:

  • Backlinks Analysis
  • Competition Analysis of a certain keyword
  • Finding broken links of any domain
  • Keyword research
  • Keyword competition and search volume
  • Bunch of website statistics including its Domain Authority, Page Authority, Domain Age and Broken Links in just one click

These are some actions that you can perform on AHREFS and you cannot say this Tool a Backlink Analyzing Tool, you can say this tool a whole SEO Analyzer tool.

The fresh links get updated in less than no time, you can even hold your own link profile with the help of this tool. The AHREFS trial is not free, you need $7 in your pocket to test this tool, but believe it or not, you will even love this tool after testing it.

AHREFS offers a free backlink analysis tool and you can find a lot of backlinks with the help of that free tool. This is what I like about AHREFS, other features, you’ve to pay for that.


These were the 5 best Backlink Analysis Tools and that’s all for now. In the next article, we will share some explosive SEO secrets that you will love to read. If you have any questions related to these 5 tools, then you ask in the comments section of our website, we will try to solve your problem.

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