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Free Dofollow Guest Posting Websites List 2020

Free Dofollow Guest Posting Websites List 2020

Guest blogging Websites

Dofollow Guest posting sites made an important role in search engine rankings that is why we will suggest you try to make backlinks on them. I am doing seo from long time I have ranked thousand of keywords in my life. You can also make backlinks with comment blogs the easiest way to get link juice for your website.

We know that google changing its algorithms nowadays every month and every update comes with some new ways. So its is very difficult to stay on top in google search engine, but mostly professional bloggers noticed that nowadays backlinks are working.

The number one seo ranking factor is backlink because in 2016 I was ranking keywords without a single backlink. All of my ranking was based on on page seo, but now as pro bloggers said we need links to rank our website.

How To Do Guest Posts Out Reach

You need to follow some simple steps to do that in a right way. First, you need to know what niche or category your website have so after that, you can do it in perfect way.

For example if you have gaming website you have to go to google.com and type “write for us games” they will show you websites which are offering guest posting.

Some other quires to apply for this are as follows.

  • Keyword “submit a guest post”
  • Keyword “guest post”
  • Keyword “guest post by”
  • Keyword “become a contributor”
  • Keyword “guest post guidelines”
  • Keyword “this post was written by”
  • Keyword “become an author”

So after that, you will get many websites now it is all on you to choose according to your desire. Mostly blogs have given their policies and requirements on their pages.

If you will follow the all requirements they will approve your post with your backlink. Some domains are giving nofollow and some are giving dofollow backlinks.

Both of them are powerful and both can give rankings to your keyword, but dofollow can give link juice that is good for your domain.

List Of Gaming Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

This is one of the greatest list that will approve your website fast I have made this for you.

  1. https://growngaming.com/write-for-us-get-paid-video-games/
  2. https://www.gameskinny.com/write-with-us/
  3. https://culturedvultures.com/write-for-us-gaming/
  4. https://www.charedegaming.com/index.php/important-info/contact-us/write-for-us
  5. https://www.dailygame.net/write-for-us
  6. https://www.hotmodgaming.com/write-us/
  7. https://highlypixelated.com/write-for-us/
  8. https://www.pcgamer.com/want-to-cover-pc-hardware-news-come-write-for-us/
  9. https://fenixbazaar.com/write-for-us/
  10. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2019/04/25/weve-increased-our-freelance-rates-so-come-write-for-us/
  11. https://apptrigger.com/write-for-us/
  12. http://www.gamingdebugged.com/write-for-us/
  13. http://igcritic.com/write-for-us/
  14. https://www.godisageek.com/write-for-us/
  15. https://wireframe.raspberrypi.org/articles/write-for-wireframe-magazine

List Of Seo Guest Posting Websites That Accept Guest Post

  1. https://seo-trench.com/write-for-us-content-guest-post
  2. https://www.resultfirst.com/knowledgecenter/write-for-us/
  3. https://smashdigital.com/Write-For-Us
  4. https://mangools.com/blog/write-for-us/
  5. https://seomator.com/blog/write-for-us
  6. https://techjackie.com/write-for-us/
  7. https://www.computertechreviews.com/seo-write-for-us/
  8. https://codetorank.com/write-for-us/
  9. https://seowebfirm.com/write-for-us/
  10. https://seeromega.com/write-for-us/
  11. https://www.goforpost.com/write-for-us/
  12. https://codetorank.com/write-for-us/
  13. https://www.techseoservices.com/write-for-us/
  14. http://seotechyworld.com/write-for-us/
  15. https://www.seoblog.com/contribute/

List Of Technology Blogs

  1. https://www.onedollarwebhostings.com/write-for-us
  2. https://technologymoon.com/technology-write-for-us/
  3. https://www.techdim.com/write-for-us/
  4. https://techsightings.com/write-for-us-guest-post/
  5. http://www.techscopy.com/write-for-us/
  6. https://creately.com/blog/write-for-us/
  7. https://phelixinfosolutions.com/blog/write-for-us-contribute-knowledge/
  8. https://productivitybytes.com/write-for-us/
  9. https://www.techwalls.com/become-our-writer/
  10. https://www.webhostingonedollar.com/write-for-us
  11. https://www.computertechreviews.com/technology-write-for-us/
  12. https://wordmaze.net/write-for-us/
  13. https://www.digitalconnectmag.com/write-for-us/
  14. https://www.fadedandblurred.com/write-for-us/
  15. https://www.webku.net/submit-a-technology-guest-post/

List Of Dog Blogs That Accept Guest Post

  1. https://woofdog.org/write-for-us/
  2. https://www.smalldogplace.com/write-for-us.html
  3. https://www.chelseadogs.com/blog/write-us/
  4. https://dogwonders.com/write-for-us/
  5. https://dogequipmentexpert.com/write-for-us/
  6. https://3milliondogs.com/3-million-dogs/dogbook-is-looking-for-bloggers-to-write-for-us/
  7. https://www.dogmal.com/dogs-write-for-us/
  8. https://www.dogs-pets-cats.com/write-for-us/
  9. http://doggatesguide.com/write-for-us/
  10. http://iamvancouverdog.com/write-for-us/
  11. http://www.just4petcare.com/write-for-us/
  12. https://pettrainingtip.com/write-for-us/
  13. https://thebark.com/content/submission-guidelines
  14. http://www.anchalblogs.com/write-for-us/

Football Blogs For guest Post

  1. https://thefootballfaithful.com/write-for-us/
  2. https://worldfootballindex.com/write-for-us/
  3. https://lastwordonfootball.com/write-for-us/
  4. http://www.thefootballfaculty.com/write-for-us/
  5. https://footballfoyer.com/write-for-us/
  6. https://readfootball.co/write/
  7. https://football-talk.co.uk/about/become-a-writer/
  8. http://www.footballrants.com/write-for-us
  9. https://footballleagueworld.co.uk/write-for-us-2/
  10. https://www.soccernews.com/write/

Health And Fitness Websites For Guest Blogging

  1. https://thehealthcareblog.com/write-for-us/
  2. https://www.fitnessmagazine.com/write-for-us/
  3. https://digitalhealthtoday.com/contact/write-for-us/
  4. https://leanforward.hms.harvard.edu/write-for-us/
  5. https://www.primehealers.com/write-for-us
  6. https://www.mindbodygreen.com/contribute
  7. https://biomedj.org/write-us-submit-health-guest-post/
  8. https://www.healthcareguys.com/write-for-us/
  9. http://www.healthycares.net/write-for-us/
  10. https://www.health.com/mind-body/join-health-contributor-network

Why Everyone Is Searching For Guest Posting For their Blogs

We know that when something have value people always come after that so in same situation in blogging people look forward to this. They give powerful to your URL actually nowadays google ranking keywords and websites which have backlinks without spam.

Bloggers are using other website to get powerful in the eyes of that is why people are willing to pay high amounts to get single do-follow link for their website.

When we are making links for website blog commenting we can see there are lot spam blogs already there. That is why they are not getting rankings in google so I will suggest them use this service to get advantage. They will get sales and also earning because we know that traffic is money if you have your only store.

Many of the great bloggers who have millions of visitors per month. They are doing same tactics to earn a lot of money so you also need to follow them to have success.

Guidelines From Mostly Owners

  • Your content will be more than thousand words.
  • Content will be unique and understandable for viewers.
  • You must have to use bullets in the text of article.
  • You must have to use headings and sub headings according to title of the post.
  • Don’t use spun content because they will not approve your article.
  • Use pictures in the post and tell about copyrights if it have that.
  • Don’t forget to look on sentence and proper English it will boost your chance for approve.
  • ┬áIt is better use grammerly.com if your English is not good they will set your sentence.

If you have still any problem please tell me please let me I will try to solve your problem thanks.

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