How to Choose the Best Travel Camera Bags for Women

One thing they often ask me is what the best camera bags are for women. It seems that while there are many excellent camera bags for women available, there is a lack of resources that provide information in one place.
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I contacted a handful of camera bag manufacturers and asked them to send me what they considered their best camera bags. Then, I gave each bag to my models (who are also photographers) for a week to play and summarize their opinions below.

All types of camera bags are usable by women, but in this post, I wanted to focus on camera bags for women, explicitly made for all photographers!

Camera Bag for Women

Camera bags
A good camera bag is an absolute must. Your camera costs a lot of money, so it deserves a right home.
For me, it is not enough that the camera bag is practical and carries all my equipment. It must also be elegant because I folded it like a purse. Let’s take a look at the best and most stylish camera bags for women.

How To Choose The Best Travel Camera Bag

There are some points that we will tell you in this article, and please read all the articles.

Bag or Backpack

This is your first big question, and only you can decide: do you want a backpack or a travel camera backpack?
Camera shoulder bags are more common, and you can carry one and also have another backpack full of clothes and essential items on your back. If you go backpacking, a shoulder bag is the most sensible option. But if your camera is your main hand luggage or if you are hiking, you can invest in a camera bag.

The best travel camera backpack keeps your hands free, allows you to be more mobile, and, in general, can also include some other essentials.


Your choices are soft or painful, and my advice here is ALWAYS to choose a problematic decision. Are you trying to protect your camera and your lenses, after all? A smooth travel camera will only carry and perhaps keep them dry. But if he falls or hits, it could be the end of his camera (oh, horror!). A rigid camera bag will ensure your camera remains secure.

Secure Access

You want quick access to your camera to take fleeting photos, such as the dolphin that just emerged or a passing train, for example. This means having a camera bag that allows quick and easy access but does not run the risk of damaging your camera in the process. This is where a shoulder bag definitely has an advantage over a camera backpack.


As I mentioned, a good travel camera backpack will have some extra space for other items, such as a phone and a bag; maybe even a Kindle or tablet. A good camera bag should do the same. A camera bag can easily be used as a bag or day bag, something that keeps your camera safe, but can also be used for daily transport. After all, your camera is just another essential accessory, and you don’t need to have two bags for no reason.


Just like having a rigid bag instead of a soft one, it is also essential to have a padded one. The best camera bags for women are comfortable, no matter how long you take them. Then, of course, you want one with soft and robust upholstery.


Think carefully about the content you choose for your camera’s travel case, be it a shoulder bag or a camera backpack. Having a raincoat is essential, and that means waxed leather or canvas. Standard screens get dirty quickly and are not waterproof, so it is better to avoid them. Also, a leather camera bag is always an elegant option.

Low key

The best camera bag is discreet. You don’t want something that invites someone to steal it. An elegant camera bag is preferable, but not something so attractive that it makes you a target when traveling. Nobody wants it. Therefore, consider drawing this line between elegant and discreet with great care.


The best Camera bags must be sturdy and well built to last your life as a professional photographer or hobbyist.


As photographers, we are aware of how things look. It is difficult to carry out camera bag analysis for women without privileging those who seek elegant over those who are bored/boring. Again, this is a very subjective but essential factor.


With this, I mean if I think the bag works well for its purpose. It is just a female bag with a camera insert. For example, or was designed from the beginning as a camera bag.

Value for Money

“Cost” is a significant deciding factor for many. However, since each person’s budget is different, I decided to focus more on considering the scholarship as an excellent cost/benefit ratio. An expensive leather camera bag can be a good value if you think the quality of the finish.

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