How to Know About Your Teens’ Cell Phone Secrets with TheOneSpy

Are you suspicious about the cell phone activities of your teens? Are you noticing a sudden change in your kid’s behavior with an increase in mobile phone use? There are many important issues related to teens’ unmonitored and unbridled cell phone usage.

Teens’ Cell Phone Secrets

The more they stick to their digital devices, the more likely they are to become a victim of online bullying, child predations, scams, and other potential dangers. Parents are needed to monitor the digital activities of their children to protect them from the vulnerabilities in the digital world.

There is a mobile app that enables parents to stay informed of teens’ cell phone usage to protect them from potential threats. Read on to know how the spy on a cell phone app helps you find out your kids’ secrets.

TheOneSpy Cell Phone Spyware App

The mobile tracker and parental control app of TOS is designed for parents to keep a secret eye on the digital activities of children. It lets them know what their kids do online and offline and what they have planned to do. All the secret plans of teenagers found out with the help of a mobile phone spyware app.

Once you install the app on your kid’s phone, you can read their secret chats and watch out all digital activities without accessing their device. It helps you safeguard children from dangers of harassment, child predation, abduction, and sexual exploitation, among others.

How the Kids Monitoring App Work?

The monitoring app works as a secret agent and informs parents about every activity of their children. Once the app is installed on the phone, parents can trace that phone via the web portal or online control panel of TOS.

It provides access to data saved on kid’s smartphone, including messages, emails, calls history, media files, internet browsing history, and keystrokes.

Parents can retrieve the aggregate data from the online portal of the surveillance app. Moreover, they can send a command to the target phone through the online control panel to remotely witness the activities of teens

Read Secret Chats

The monitoring app allows reading all messages received and sent by kids through their monitored smartphones. You can read all the words even if these are deleted from the phone.

The app creates a secret online backup of incoming and outgoing SMS, MMS, and instant messages of teens to enable parents to retrieve these chats anytime and from anywhere. The notes of kids let you know what is cooking up in their minds.

Listen to Secret Calls

Are you suspicious about lengthy phone calls of your teenager? You can listen to all phone calls made and received by your kids through their smartphones. The tracking app secretly records all requests and uploads to the online portal from where you can retrieve recorded calls and can get contact numbers of callers and recipients. The app also allows blocking incoming calls from unwanted contact numbers.

Moreover, you can trace voice and video calls made via instant and social messengers. The spyware software provides access to call logs of most popular instant messengers and social media apps. It includes but not limited to WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Line, IMO, Hike, Hangout, Kik, Telegram, Skype, and Snapchat.

Find Out GPS Location

Do you know where your kid is at the moment? The monitoring app lets you find out the current GPS location of your teens, so you could ensure they are safe. The GPS location of kids also lets you know if they are secretly partying somewhere.

Track Social Media

The cell phone spy app lets you watch out all social media posts of kids, even if these are shared with specific online friends. Using the surveillance app, you can see your kids’ posts made on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and many other popular social networking platforms.

The secret social media posts of teens let you know if they get involved in forbidden activities like smoking or substance abuse.

Unlock Photo Gallery

You can see photos and videos saved in your teen’s phone, even if the gallery is password protected. The spy app uploads all media files saved on the targeted phone to the online portal of TOS from where parents can retrieve them anytime.



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