How To Use Managed WordPress Hosting A Complete Guide

When choosing a managed WordPress hosting, you should look for which service provider offers you multiple servers. Make sure that the service provider can provide audits and keep your website optimized. When deciding to transfer your WordPress to a managed hosting, you should get t a free hosting transfer and also specialized help to keep your site running optimally through this process.


Below are a few points which one must keep in mind about WordPress hosting

Hire a system administrator. Someone who takes care of maintaining both software and hardware up to date and solving problems. Hire a managed server. This is a hosting that could be considered an extension of the dedicated hosting. In the sense that in addition to having all the resources of the server.

There are several “degrees” of administration, but many companies offer the following services as part of their dedicated managed servers:

  • Monitoring: servers checked for irregularities or possible failures, which can prevent significant problems or service outages.
  • Security: In addition to physical security measures in the data center, virus detection, spam filtering, firewall configuration, and operating system updates included.
  • Configuration and maintenance: the server is configured to suit the client, with the desired applications and parameters, and the necessary tasks are carried out so that the platform operates smoothly.
  • Help: one of the most attractive points of a managed dedicated server is to have specialized assistance if a problem arises.

Who should use a managed server?

There are two main reasons to hire a managed server: if you do not have the technical knowledge to configure and take advantage of the hosting capabilities, or if you do not have time to do so. Both individuals and companies opt for managed servers to reduce the amount of “manual” computer work that has to be done in hosting to keep it in good condition.

Advantages Of A Managed Server

Although managed hosting services are more expensive than unmanaged hosting, the benefits they offer tend to compensate in other ways:

Save time: Since the hosting provider’s team is a server specialist, you can deal more quickly and easily with any problem.

Predictable fee. Managing a hosting on your own involves a specific periodic cost that, depending on the difficulties that appear, can increase significantly. Since the web hosting provider is in a position to get wholesale prices for parts and software, as well as bandwidth, it is likely that a managed server will get more into account if you take into account the total expenses.

Large scale security. Thanks to data center technology, the web hosting service provider is likely to offer you greater security and power.

24/7 surveillance. You never know when a problem may arise; however, it is often prohibitive for an SME to have 24-hour staff only to control servers.
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Features of Managed WordPress Hosting

  • WordPress updates and maintenance performed by the hosting company.
  • Staging and multisite functions for WordPress development.
  • Better support – Technical support on topics relevant to WordPress.
  • Better insurance: special security rules and features for WordPress.

Managed WordPress hosting is suitable for the following.

Small and medium enterprises:

Yes, this would be true. The concept of WordPress hosting simply managed. The plans offer powerful combinations of convenience, speed, and security, all the key elements that should concern a business site. Additional security elements are even more crucial if you plan to run any payment infrastructure through your website.

High volume websites (possibly large blogs, news sites, etc.)

YES, I would say that this would also be an opportunity, solely for the time, it would take the hands of the site owner. There is also the WordPress experience offered by these managed plans that you can take advantage of these things.

 The ambitious site owner

It is not there yet in terms of traffic, it does not have the full set of personnel skills you need to build a world-class site, and you may need some help. Managed WordPress hosting can give you that added advantage. 

This is not an easy option since the price is often compensated in terms of integrated features and other facilities. You would otherwise have to pay with regular shared hosting plans (which should not cost more than $ 5 / month according to our study of the market).

The start of Blogger

No. Even if you fall into the category of what you think might be an “ambitious site owner,” start at the bottom. You will need to learn somewhere, and receiving spoon feed and paying the high price of managed WordPress hosting is crazy. In any case, you are unlikely to require many of the features offered.

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