SEO Strategies For eCommerce Websites in 2020

Ecommerce business is one of the leading firms in the 21st century. With over 12 million e-stores selling products and services on the internet, e-commerce business becomes the prior choice for the entrepreneurs to earn maximum money with less investment.

This is the reason competition in this business is increasing, and it becomes a challenge for upcoming e-commerce websites to generate maximum profits. From choosing the right platform to making your site online, you need to go out of the way to earn maximum profit.

SEO for eCommerce websites

Woo-commerce platform becomes one of the prior choices for the beginners. With commerce hosting plans offered by top hosting providers like host break, you can start your e-commerce site within less investment. But how would you earn a maximum profit?

Through applying the best SEO practices, you can get high traffic that eventually leads towards high profit. Let’s take a look at top SEO practices to optimize the eCommerce website and increase your earning.

1- Discover & Rank Your Target Keywords:

The keyword is an essential element that helps your target audience to see your site. Without target keywords, you cannot be visible to the interested audience and can’t generate sales. One of the best SEO practices to optimize eCommerce website is to discover and rank target keywords. But in this age of panda, penguin, and hummingbird, ranking for your keywords require a systematic approach and SEO intelligence. Some of the top advice while discovering and classifying keywords are as follows.

  • Extract the keywords that drive the most impressive from your site’s google webmaster tools (GWT) account and add them to your core list.
  • Use the Google keyword planner tool to uncover additional keyword ideas.
  • Organize and prioritize the keywords in your spreadsheet to use them accordingly.

2- Implement On-Page Optimization:

When it comes to implementing SEO practices to optimize your eCommerce website, never forget the on-page optimization. Several elements need to consider for on-page optimization. Some of the top features discussed below.

  • Keyword Optimization: Various elements on your site page should optimize for your keywords. Both should be optimized with the page’s primary keyword and should be well-written. Similarly, header tags and paragraph copy needs to be adequately optimized.
  • Optimize Site Structure: Optimizing the site structure means to develop your site that could be navigated easily by your users, and search engines could easily be able to index your site. The content should well organize, helping the search engine to understand which type of website it is.
  • Internal Linking: An integral part of an organized site structure is internal linking. Search engine robots crawl the web via links and help search engines to understand the theme of your site.

3- Use Compelling Description & Avoid Duplicate Content:

The product description is an essential part of e-commerce SEO. One of the best ways to optimize your e-commerce website is to use the targeted keywords in the product description. And never replicate the manufacturer story as it could invite google penalty. You need to write original and unique content for your meta title and description.

4- Optimize Product Image:

One of the best SEO practices to optimize your e-commerce website is optimizing the product image. The majority of the time, the product image is neglected for SEO. You must need to include image file name, image description, optimize alt text, to help search engines understand the picture.

5- Enable Review & Rating for Your Product:

Enabling reviews and ratings for your products can give your e-commerce website a competitive edge. The search engines in search results display your site with more prosperous snippets if you enable review and rating for your product. In this way, you can get more traffic and could increase your earning.

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