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Step By Step Guide Preparing a Live Talk Radio Show Using Teleprompter Software Device

Talking directly into a video camcorder isn’t as simple as it sounds. It’s normal needing to, looking around at other people in the room for affirmation or make funny faces when you commit an error.

Utilization of a teleprompter can mitigate these problems since it focuses your attention right down the camera lens and enables you to deliver an address that is full of confidence, and professional as well. This blog post is about how a teleprompter may be the device to help prepare your first live talk radio show.

Following is a step by step guide:

  • Take your show template, you have saved up for your teleprompter, open it in the teleprompter and save using your guest as the filename and the document date. Enter all that you are going to speak, that isn’t already in your template, like introduction, show policy and more. Enter information, such as, the intro of your guest and what you are going to say about them.
  • Add the questions you consented to pose to your guest.
  • Copy plus paste data from your teleprompter app into a Word Doc and save it to email your guest a day before the interview.
  • Practice your part as host for your up and coming show, until you are comfortable with it.
  • Organize your office or studio for the call. Ensure your equipment is working well. Ensure there will be no background noise in your office or from outside, your premises.
  • If you have hired another person to create/manage your show, practice with them again utilizing your real show format in your teleprompter.
  • Email your show format from your┬ásimple teleprompter software to your guest a day preceding the interview. Ask whether they have any extra recommendations. If they do, request that they answer with them in the email. Tell them you will call around 20 minutes before, broadcast time to ensure they are prepared and have dial directions etc.
  • Set up your call and add your guest to the invites.


The conclusion is, you should be all excited because you’re nearly there. It won’t be long and you are going to host your first live talk radio show. You have mastered all that you need up to this point, to deliver a professional interview. Remember, all this became easy because of the teleprompter device and the teleprompter app that comes with it. So, feel yourself as lucky, that you have the equipment and technology, to make things easy and smooth.

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