The Retail Application that Revolutionised Shopping for Us

Technology has made our lives more than convenient. And technology has made it possible for the developers to create applications that only add to these conveniences.

Today, there is an application for everything. People can make things happen through their phones and these apps without a need ever to go out.

  • There is an app that will pay all our utility bills.
  • There is an app to will give you all the news updates from the world over.
  • There is an app that will measure your footsteps and calories count.
  • There is also an app that can make your boredom vanquish.
  • And then there is the app that will buy things for you, be it groceries, clothing or electronics.

When I was young, I never thought I could buy my phone online, until last year when I did. Not only did my iPhone come with all the accessories, the bill and warranty, but I also got a great deal on it and saved almost a hundred pounds.

The shopping applications have indeed made our lives simpler because window shopping is not everybody’s cup of tea. Let us delve into its history a little bit.

The Firsts in the Online World of Shopping

Online shopping was not as popular as it is now. It was only after the invention of the internet that the website picked up the banner of relating goods online. Now, more than the websites shopping applications are more commonly used.

  • Michael Aldrich, an Englishman, is credited for the creation of online shopping in 1979. The way he did it, with three different devices, is vastly different from the e-commerce transactions we see everyday day now. However, he did lay the foundation for the future generation.
  • The early nineties witnessed the feat of the internet is made available to the masses. This marked the beginning of online shopping.
  • The first e-commerce website was called Book Stacks Unlimited, founded in 1992. This was an online retail store that sold books by the founder Charles M Stacks.
  • It was either NetMarket or Internet Shopping Network, which made the first secure online transaction for shopping in the year 1994.
  • The year 1995 saw the emergence of two e-commerce giants, which till date are the most successful in this business.
  • Amazon, created by Jeff Bezos, started selling books online, then went on selling everything that could be sold except cars and house in his application.
  • eBay, created by Pierre Omidyar in the same year, which not only allowed businesses to sell their products to customers online but the consumer to become also sell to other consumers.

Today, the online retail business is estimated to perform transactions in trillions. And eBay and Amazon still hold a significant share in it. So, it is sufficed to say that taking a business loan like the ones found in Belgium to kick start your retail application is mandated today. Zara has one, H and M have one, and so does Chanel. Do you see the trend now?

The Benefits of The Online Shopping Application

The conversion of shopping to real life to the virtual world of the internet has been a blessing for all of us. The retail applications are incredibly convenient to use, a 7-year-old can shop on it and so can a 70-year-old.

The other benefits of this application are;

  • Convenience of home

The best part about an application is that it allows the consumer to shop from the confines of his home. He need not go out in the crowded markets, not for buying clothes, not for home décor, and not even for groceries.

  • Easy Delivery

The standard delivery time for an online application is 5 to 7 working days. However, some, like Amazon Prime, can give the privilege of getting your purchase delivered the next day.

As for the charges, many applications do not have any shipping fees, if the consumer buyer above a specific price point. Kim Kardashian’s KKW Beauty and her Skims line often offer free shipping on orders above $75.

  • Good Quality Products

Some people believe that the products available on these applications are sub-standard. I assure you; they are not. A brand’s online application would never make the mistake of dissatisfying its customers.

While a wholesome retailer, like Amazon, generally has a review section. This includes the opinions of consumers who have already bought the item you are looking at. Reading them will assure you.

  • Returns and Exchanges

Sometimes despite the product that you bought being good in quality, does not suit you or your need. You may have thought the sofa would fit the living room, but it did not. Now you need not think that you just wasted your money.

The exchange or return option in the application is meant for just that. If you do not want the product altogether, return it and get your money back. Or if you want it in a different size, you can just as easily exchange it. However, there is a time stipulation on this feature.

Many more benefits are of the retail applications, so much so that even loans are being retailed from an application like Credit Point.


In the end, all I want to say is that retail application that best kind of innovations for mankind. The developers found a need and they capitalised on it to make a huge profit and make the consumer happy, but not satiated. This way, they would keep coming back for more.

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