Top 5 Tips to Design Landing Pages that will Improve the Conversion Ratio

Unlike the website, a landing page is designed for campaigns, ads, or product selling. You only have a few minutes to grasp your reader’s attention through it. So you must make it worth the visit. It should deliver long-lasting value and give users the things which they are searching for.

The best landing page is the one that gives complete answers to questions like why should customers buy your product? What’s the best thing about your product? What makes your product different from the rest in the competition?

If your landing page is optimized to answer the following questions, then your customers can also like it. Apart from this, here are some tips you should consider these tips while designing your landing page.

1. What’s the Goal?

A landing page isn’t a random page or neither an additional page of your site. It’s designed with the purpose. The goal can be to drive leads on your product/services, advertising your business, or selling stuff through it.

For example, if your landing page is designed to motivate people to get out of their routine jobs and step into the entrepreneurship culture, then you should create your landing page, keeping your goal in mind.

You can give their thoughts a boost by showing them how to make money online. This can be a plus point of your landing page.

Knowing the goal is essential because if you do it without knowing, you’ll reach nowhere. So, the first step is to determine the intention of your landing page.

2. Who’s the Audience?

It’s essential to filter the audience for your landing page because there’s no purpose of landing page without the audience. If you offer both products and services on your site, then create two different landing pages for each.
If your audience and business both exist in Canada, then you should create a landing page to portray products in Canada.

Targeting the landing page to the specific audience will give you the right reach of the landing page design. If you’re a web design company Toronto then the landing page should be designed considering the people of Toronto so people can relate to it well.

3. Write Short and Compelling Copy

The landing page doesn’t have enough space to add long and mundane paragraphs. If you do it, you miss the opportunity to market your business. So, always go for a short and compelling copy. Make your headlines catchy so you can grab people’s attention in the first impression.

Exclude the points that make no sense to your product and are an additional part. In place of it, use bullet points and the critical features of your product. Let people know the best aspects of your product and highlight it.
Write while keeping your audience in mind and also make it easy to skim the content because visitors don’t have time to read the material thoroughly, so mention what’s informative and useful for the readers.

4. Strong CTAs

Call to Actions are the substantial part of your landing page. It persuades visitors to take action, and also the text you write on the CTAs plays a vital role. So, focus on the design and the content of the CTAs on the landing page.

While designing the CTA, think about how it will interact with the users and on which stage of buying the CTA should come.

5. Include Customer Reviews

Customer reviews play an active role in the decision-making of the buyers. At the bottom of the landing page, including the reviews of your customers so people can quickly make their mind about your product.

Apart from increasing the credibility of your landing page, it also makes you sound real. Great choice of images also enhance the beauty of the landing page and make it effective overall.

Apart from these factors, if you have any discount offers or promotional packages, landing pages are the best to mention them. By following these tips, you won’t only nurture leads for your business but will also avail the opportunity to promote it.

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