Top Applications Every Smartphone Users Must Install In 2020

You must have noticed that from the last couple of years, the demand for application is raised. And, no doubt, our application store is flooded with every type of apps. If you are bored and find the thing to pass the time, then you can install the game application, or want to gain knowledge, then many apps are present too.

Even, most of the business is running over the native apps. Though, those who don’t know about such an application part, then it is an app that you look at your screen on square shape are known as Native application.

It helps owners to raise the business fast. However, with very less money, you can create your app. And you can bear the cost of hiring by taking out 100% guaranteed payday loans with direct lenders if you want to start your firm. Conversely, if you are user, then you must know the best application that you can lift your experience.

We have come one with some best ones, and the best part is all of them are free. So, let’s have a look at them.

The Application That Can Boost the Mobile Phone Experience

There are hundreds of apps that you can install, but choosing the best one is a bit difficult. But, for your ease, we have selected only those who are the top on the list.

App #1: Netflix

App #2: Spotify

App #3: Sound cloud

App #4: VSCO camera

App #5: Google photos

Let’s understand them clearly. 


If you are fond of exceptional web series, and movies the Netflix is best for you. No doubt, Netflix becomes one of the most using entertaining apps that not only provide quality content but have very less amount require for the subscription.

The best part is that you can get the free trial of the month, and share the id with others, but it is limited. The plan is different for mobile phone users and desktop. In this lockdown, nothing could be better than NETFLIX. So, what resist you now, go ahead and install it to make your life entertaining.


Whenever it comes to music, the first thing that comes to our mind is Spotify. It the best application for music, and if you are a music lover, then you can listen to thousands of song, and create your playlist. It is primarily for Android users, so if you are one, then install it.

One more thing that is, you can search any song from the queue and download it. The download version can be listened at any moment without worrying about network connectivity.

Sound cloud 

The name itself says that sound cloud is the application that is related to the music. It works similarly as compared to the Spotify. But, we cannot say that it is the replacement of the Spotify. You may find the wonder that makes it unique.

For example, in the case of Spotify, you can listen to thousands of song and can download them. But, here you may not get the option to download.

VSCO camera 

The best application for photo editing is VSCO camera. There are many other apps too, but when it comes to accuracy, VSCO stands top on the list. It provides fantastic photo skills, and offer many options that you may hardly find in any other app.

For instance, you can post-shot tweets, and you can compare the before and after shots that will boost the editing experience.

Google Photos 

If you are worried about the photos that you may lose them due to some technical problems, then Google Photos is perfect for you. Here, you can save a thousand pictures and can access them from anywhere. You can open the folder either from the mobile or desktop.

The unique part is that you can turn on the automatic options. In this, you do not have to worry about uploading the photos every time. The pictures will get into the saved gallery automatically. You can even edit them on Google photos to make them more amazing.

These are the free top application of 2020 that is enough to make you phone more useable, and increase the experience. However, some of them are available in a paid version too, but that is optional. Go ahead and use these fantastic apps; you can have them in your respective stores.


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