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Hi friends we are accepting free guest posts on our website that will provide you do follow backlink to your website or blog. Before, submitting article on our website we are going to tell you we have some guidelines and rules that are tough if you want to be our contributor.


  • You have to write an article at-least 700 words and maximum should have no limits.
  • Your article must be in English and also high quality other we will not approve it.
  • Your article must contain at least one picture with size of 1280√ó720, but you can add maximum ten pictures.
  • Your pictures must have no copyrights issues and must have compressed, but don’t forget its size as told above.
  • Your article need to be with perfect grammar. We will not approve it if it has grammar mistakes.
  • You can use spellcheckplus.com for correcting your grammar or you can use grammarly premium version.
  • You have to add call to action in your articles.
  • You have to use bullets in the article. Bullets are must if you will not use them we will not approve your article.
  • You have to use headings in the article h2, h3 and h4.
  • You have 3 percent density of every keyword in the article if density will be more than 5 percent we will not approve it.
  • If you are telling some procedure in the article then give it in numbering by clicking numbered list from editor.
  • We are not accepting article that is published anywhere on the internet.
  • It is good if you use lsi keywords.
  • Interlink if similar article is available on the website.
  • Pictures must have alt text added.
  • Always write for users not for your backlink.

What Type Of Content We Are Accepting?

We are accepting all niches and categories except porn content.

What Type Of Headings Should Be For Article

You can write articles like these for any of your article 10 best watches of 2020, best gaming keyboards of all time, how to keywords  and what keywords.

You have to use google searches keywords means if you want to write an article go in to google.com and type your keyword.

Like I type how to it generate keywords so choose your keyword which google will generate then write an article.

The keyword it generates in its searches your article title must have that you write for our website.

How To Publish Article On Our Website

  1. First of all you need to follow our guidelines then you can write an article for our website. If you have not read the article please read it carefully other your article will be not approved.
  2. Then, register on our website by clicking the registration button on the top right side of the website.
  3. After, that you will get a page of registration there you need to give your username email and give captcha and click on register.
  4. After, that you will get a conformation message from our website in your mail. Sometimes it comes in your spam box check that as well.
  5. Then, click on verification link and give your password for the login and save it for next time.
  6. Now login to your account by clicking on the login button and give your details and press on login.
  7. Now you will be redirected to your dashboard so there you need to click on posts and then add new now you can write your article.
  8. After, writing an article you need to remember our guidelines the click on publish article.

Advantages Of Guest Posting

There are a lot of advantages of guest blogging we are going to share some o them below. You can also check our article of free dofollow guest posting websites written previously.

  • You will get backlink for your blog or website.
  • That link will give power to your website means your website will be powerful in the eyes of search engines like google.
  • The more backlinks are pointing to your website the more ranking your keyword will get in google.
  • It will increase domain authority of your website.
  • It will increase your sales and revenue from ads.
  • It will index your post in google faster than usual.
  • It will drive referral traffic that will also generate sales for you.

You can also check article how to create backlinks to get rankings in google. Seo stands to search engine optimization that everyone knows, but I am going to tell you the best thing in seo is link building. So in that there are several types of link buildings, but in my opinion guest posting is best.

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We are going to give a great chance to small blogger to get backlinks for their websites in a free of cost.